Ending Saturday, February 18, 2012.

This week we witnessed several sad historical passings. The 116-year-old Quequechan Club has closed its doors, citing lack of membership. I have had many a wonderful time there. Besides their excellent food, they made a mean Sangria! Perhaps they will live again in some incarnation. We can only hope.

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News also reached us that Lizzie Borden’s church, the Central Congregational Church, on Rock Street, is slated for demolition by the bank that owns her. This proud building has been a place of worship, a restaurant, a culinary school, and now sits empty and alone. It costs so much to save old buildings such as these. It is a crying shame that this magnificent structure may soon be no more.

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A man tried to commit suicide by jumping off the Braga Bridge. This is not a common occurrence in Fall River. In fact, in the five years I have lived here, I don’t remember this ever happening. It could well be that any suicide attempts are kept out of news for fear of giving people ideas.

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We found out this week that Fall River has a connection to Whitney Huston, who passed away recently. Danny Gittelman, the owner of US Records, was Whitney’s first agent! He worked with her for 4 and a half years, and Whitney sang at his daughter Randi’s wedding.

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