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The Borden Murders and Their Aftermath, as reported in the New Bedford Evening Standard One of the foremost and complete newspapers that covered the Borden tragedy of Fall River, Massachusetts, was the New Bedford Evening Standard. Almost all books on the Borden case draw heavily from its pages. Rich in detail, these news reports capture the flavor and atmosphere from the day of the crime to Lizzie’s ultimate acquittal.

Arranged by date, these articles if printed out would be over 460 pages in length. This collection does not include the trial coverage itself and is intended as a complement to the primary source documents. These articles cover the daily side happenings during the period of the trial and the events leading up to it and its decision.

1893 Axe Murder in Fall River Newspaper Accounts

The Murder of Bertha Manchester, 1893, articles of the crime from the Evening Standard, New Bedford, Mass., May 31 to June 13, 1893.

Volume contains thirteen articles and several newspaper images. Also includes an original introduction and epilogue by K. Koorey.

Lizzie Borden — The Murders and Their Aftermath, as reported by the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. A little known upstate New York newspaper, the Democrat & Chronicle in Rochester, NY, devoted extensive coverage to the Borden murders in Fall River, Massachusetts and their aftermath in the years 1892 and 1893.

In a series of 28 articles they present the daily happenings and events that were so captivating to the reading audience. The articles were transcribed and digitized using the exact spelling and factual errors to reflect the sense of the reporting of this real life drama and are made available for the very first time in this format.

Transcribed by Harry Widdows, famed originator of the Lizzie Borden Trial Transcript in Word format.