Hatchet, August 2006, #15


August 2006, Vol. 3, No. 3, Issue #15. Contents include a first person story of growing up in Fall River by Michael Brimbau, the first part of Lizzie Borden’s South Main Street, and an essay about fast food and the Borden family.


The Hatchet: Journal of Lizzie Borden & Victoria America. August 2006, Volume 3, No. 3, Issue #15. 76 pages.

Features include: “Growing up Along the Quequechan” — by Michael Brimbau; “That’s What Friends are For” — by Shelley Dziedzic; “Lizzie Borden’s South Main Street, 1896, Part I” — by Neilson Caplain; “Lizzie Borden: Case Closed” — by Cynthia Avila;  “Fast Food for the Borden Family” — by Mary Elizabeth Naugle; “Bridget Sullivan Cartoon” — by Pippa Naugle; “Denise Noe’s Lizzie Whittlings: Lizzie Borden and the Spinster Myth”; “Over the Bay” (poem) — by Mrs. N.M. Davol; “Fall River Sunsets” (poem) — by Mrs. N.M. Davol;  “92 Seconds: Unwomanly Weapons, Part Three” — by Mary Elizabeth Naugle; “News and Views That Wouldn’t Fit the Compositor’s Bench” — by Douglas Walters; and “The Cutting Room, Critical Notes on the Borden Legacy: Angela Carter Peers Through the Bars of Lizzie’s Childhood” — by Eugene Hosey.

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