Hatchet, August 2008, #23


August 2008, Vol. 5, No. 3, Issue #23. Contents include an essay about the handkerchief that was worn by Abby Borden during her murder by Kat Koorey, a delicious inside look at the work of an EVP expert at the Borden house during an episode of Monster Quest by Al Rauber, an interview with Lizzie Borden museum owner Leonard Pickel, and another great episode of “Lizzie Borden: Girl Detective” by Richard Behrens.


The Hatchet: Journal of Lizzie Borden & Victoria America. August 2008, Volume 5, No. 3, Issue #23. 86 pages.

Features include: “The Trail of the Bloody Handkerchief” — by Kat Koorey; “Behind the Scenes at Monster Quest” — by Al Rauber; “Interview with Leonard Pickel; “Lizzie Borden, Girl Detective: The Case of the Exhausted Amaneusis” — by Richard Behrens; “The Second Street Irregulars: The Game’s Afoot Again!” — by Shelley Dziedzic; “Denise Noe’s Lizzie Whittlings: The Extraordinary Career of William Moody”; “What’s in Dr. Bowen’s Bag?” — by Sherry Chapman; “News and Views that Wouldn’t Fit the Compositor’s Bench” — by Douglas Walters; “Writer’s Ink: Douglas Walters”; “Dear Abby” — by Sherry Chapman; “Bridget’s Kitchen” — by Sherry Chapman; “Mrs. Churchill Please Do Come” (poem) — by Michael Brimbau; “Cordiality” (poem) — by Larry Allen;  “92 Seconds: Professor Edward Stickney Wood” — by Mary Elizabeth Naugle; and “The Cutting Room, Critical Notes on the Borden Legacy: Forever, Lizzie Borden” — by Eugene Hosey.

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