Hatchet, November 2007, #20


November 2007, Vol. 4, No. 4, Issue #20. Contents include an essay the newly discovered portraits of Andrew and Sarah Borden, an examination of the Pete Peterson story that sparked the Arnold Brown book, an article about the Victorian Obsession with Collecting, and a review of the play Lizzie Borden, Live!


The Hatchet: Journal of Lizzie Borden & Victoria America. November 2007, Volume 4, No. 4, Issue #20. 86 pages.

Features include: “Andrew Borden: Unseen Portrait Discovered” — by Stefani Koorey, Ph.D.; “Family Secrets” — by Linda Rodrigues and Kat Koorey; “More is More: The Victorian Obsession with Collecting” — by Shelley Dziedzic; “Lizzie Borden Live” — by Richard Behrens, Jack McCullough, and Gayle Stahlhulth; “Eli Bence: The Man Who Might Have Been” — by Shelley Dziedzic; “Denise Noe’s Lizzie Whittlings: The Turn of the Screw”; “Writer’s Ink: Denise Noe”; “Bridget’s Kitchen” — by Sherry Chapman; “Dear Abby” — by Sherry Chapman;  “Kiss Me Sweet Laddie” (poem) — by Michael Brimbau;  “News and Views That Wouldn’t Fit the Compositor’s Bench” — by Douglas Walters; and “92 Seconds: Parker and Hulme” — by Mary Elizabeth Naugle.

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