Hatchet, November 2008, #24


November 2008, Vol. 5, No. 4, Issue #24. Contents include an essay about Bridget Sullivan after her years in Fall River by Jerry Ross, a study of the 1836 murder of Helen Jewett by Richard Behrens, an examination of a recently discovered photograph of Emma Borden by Stefani Koorey, Ph.D., and a photo essay of Swansea, Massachusetts, by Michael Brimbau.


The Hatchet: Journal of Lizzie Borden & Victoria America. November 2008, Volume 5, No. 4, Issue #24. 88 pages.

Features include: “Bridget Sullivan: After Fall River” — by Jerry Ross; “A Murder in Gotham” — by Richard Behrens; “The Strange Story of Bridget Sullivan” — by Sally Campbell; “Emma Borden Found” — by Stefani Koorey, Ph.D.; “A Woman of Means, With a Past” — by David Marshall James; “Denise Noe’s Lizzie Whittlings: Elizabeth Montgomery”; “News and Views that Wouldn’t Fit the Compositor’s Bench” — by Douglas Walters; “Writer’s Ink: Glen ‘Joe’ Carlson”; “Dear Abby” — by Sherry Chapman; “Bridget’s Kitchen” — by Sherry Chapman; “By the Naked Pear Tree” (poem) — by Michael Brimbau; “Retribution” (poem) — by A.L. Bixby; “Lizzie Borden” (poem) — by A.L. Bixby; Anecdotes for Boys and Girls by Harvey Newcomb; “An Open Letter to Fall River” — by Michael Brimbau; a photo essay of Swansea, Massachusetts by Michael Brimbau; “In the World of Jack the Ripper” — by Kat Koorey; “In Dreams” (poem) — by Aurora Lewis, and “The Cutting Room, Critical Notes on the Borden Legacy: The Mystery Unveiled” — by Eugene Hosey.

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