Hatchet, October 2004, #5


October 2004, Vol. 1, No. 5, Issue #5. Contents include a first-person story about the making of Lizzie Borden Had an Axe by the producer, four different essays concerning Ruby Cameron and her assertion in 1985 that she was told who did the Borden murders, an examination of Dr. Handy’s Cottage, and an essay about the whereabouts of the weapon used in the Borden murders.


The Hatchet: Journal of Lizzie Borden & Victoria America. October 2004, Volume 1, No. 5, Issue #5. 66 pages.

Features include: “A TV Producer Has an Axe: A Look Behind the Scenes of the Lizzie Borden Special” — by Tim Evans; “The REAL David Anthony: Did Ruby Tell a Fib?” — by Joe Carlson; “What Did Ruby Know?” — by Diana Griffiths; “Impressions of Ruby” — by Kat Koorey; “The Ellsworth American, 3 January 1985”;  “Lizzie” (poem) — by Mary Elizabeth Naugle; “Dr. Handy’s Cottage” — by Sherry Chapman; “Victoria Lincoln, Undressed: Exposing a Fiction” — by Eugene Hosey; “Dear Abby” — by Sherry Chapman;   “Denise Noe’s Lizzie Whittling: What Happened to the Weapon?”; and “92 Seconds: If looks Could Kill” — by Mary Elizabeth Naugle.

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