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Lizzie Borden Chronicles Images

The premiere of The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, the new Lifetime mini-series, will be on April 5. The buzz is that it is really good. I certainly hope so. Remember how Elizabeth Montgomery was forever known as Lizzie once she made The Legend of Lizzie Borden? Christina Ricci may just have created her very own typecast.

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Jonathan Banks on Lizzie Borden and Better Call Saul

Jonathan Banks is known to us from Breaking Bad. Intense and wry at the same time, Banks’ acting style is understated. He perfectly envelopes a character and makes us want to see him more. He has been cast in the new Lifetime mini-series The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, which premieres on April 5th. He sat down

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Waxy Lizzie Borden Seeking New Home

An interesting eBay item for sale. Full-sized wax figures of 28 criminals, including, for some reason, Lizzie Borden. Now you and I are well aware that Lizzie was acquitted of the crimes for which she was charged (the murder of Andrew and Abby Borden on August 4, 1892), but she lives on in the modern

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Lizzie Borden Chronicles to Air April 5

Lifetime’s new limited series, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, has been given an air date of Sunday, April 5th. According to this press release, the production will star Christina Ricci and Clea DuVall who will reprise their roles as Lizzie and Emma Borden. The show also stars Jonathan Banks, John Heard, Cole Hauser, and Jessy Schram.

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Lizzie Borden Chronicles: Give them a break

There are those who decry what they deem an abuse of history whenever Lizzie Borden is depicted as the killer of her father and stepmother in 1892 because she was acquitted of the crimes. And there are those who pontificate how the new series due out in April on the Lifetime network is a complete bastardization of

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Lizzie Borden Chronicles on Lifetime

The trailer is out for the new now 8-episode series about Lizzie Borden titled The Lizzie Borden Chronicles. It used to be called, I think, the Fall River Chronicles, but it seems they changed this. It is fiction, of course. Lizzie becomes a bit of a serial killer it seems. According to Entertainment Weekly: “Lizzie

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The Literary Hatchet #10 is in PRINT starting today!

The latest issue of The Literary Hatchet is now in print and available for ordering. A whopping 224 pages, with 75 authors and artists worldwide included, this issue is jam packed with stories, poems, artwork, and reviews! You can order your copy for only $12 through CreateSpace at this address. The Literary Hatchet publishes contemporary short

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Ghost Adventures, Psychic Mediums, and the Lizzie Borden B&B

Ghost Adventures used to be a pretty good show. They have a hunky lead in Zak Bagans, a very funny when scared Aaron Goodwin, and the reasonable Nick Groff. The set up of this show is that they investigate supposed haunted locations by locking themselves into the place for an overnight stay. Just the three

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Lizzie Borden B&B on Ghost Adventures Saturday Night, 9/27/14

Just found out from my friend Eleanor Thibault that she and Lee-Ann Wilber and Liz Nowicki (a psychic medium who says she was assaulted by a ghost at the house) will appear on an episode of Ghost Adventures Aftershocks, airing Saturday night, September 27, 2014, on the Travel Channel at 9 pm. I am not

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Literary Hatchet #8 is available online and print

The latest issue of The Literary Hatchet has been published. Issue #8 is 108 pages in length and includes works by authors and writers worldwide. The Literary Hatchet is a tri-annual literary edition of The Hatchet: A Journal of Lizzie Borden & Victorian America. The Literary Hatchet publishes contemporary short fiction, poetry, prose, photography, cartoons, and

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Lifetime Lizzie Borden Flick Trailer Released

There are some good things and some bad things about this film, from the looks of the trailer. It is stylish and snappy, with an interesting set and characters that represent a new reading of the story. Abby looks tall and thin when in reality she was not. Bridget looks a big young and so

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The Literary Hatcht #7 is Available in Print

The Literary Hatchet #7 is now available in print through our print on demand partner, Create Space. You can order the book for only $10 at this address. Please support authors, poets, and artists! Purchase your copy today! Here is the Table of Contents:

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Literary Hatchet #7 is Online, NOW!

We are proud to announce that the 7th edition of The Literary Hatchet has just been published ONLINE and is free for you to download and read. This issue of The Literary Hatchet is 109 pages in length! —our largest issue thus far. Our authors and poets are from five of the six continents. I

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Lizzie Borden Poltergeist Mirror

Pretty scary stuff.

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The Print Copy of The Literary Hatchet #6 is For Sale

You can now purchase the print copy of the latest issue of the The Literary Hatchet, #6. 118 pages in length, with works by poets and authors from all over the world, we are certain you will enjoy this issue. You can order it directly through our print-on-demand partner, CreateSpace at this link. Please visit

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