Astrological Bordens


Birth Dates and Birth Places of the Major Characters:

Lizzie: July 19, 1860, Thursday, 12 Ferry Street, Fall River, MA
Emma: March 1, 1851, Fall River, MA
Abby: January 21, 1828, Rodman St., Fall River, MA
Andrew: September 13, 1822, 12 Ferry Street, Fall River, MA
Uncle John: July 5, 1833, Fall River, MA



Important people born on July 19 include: Edgar Degas, Charles Mayo, George McGovern, Samuel Colt, Vicki Carr, A.J. Cronin.

STRENGTHS: graceful, self-aware, emotional
WEAKNESSES: impatient, temperamental, difficult
MEDITATION: much of what we need is quite close at hand.
Title of The Day: The Day of Controlled Movement

“Recurrent themes in the lives of July 19 people, are movement, grace, and form. Those born on this day are highly attuned to how they present themselves and often involved with mastering their body. Perhaps this preoccupation stems from their desire to channel and shape their emotions. Many born on this day are prone to mood swings, sometimes resulting in passive-aggressive behavior. They are also likely to be temperamental in adolescence, which may be especially trying and awkward for them and others. As they mature, July 19 people work actively to cultivate their innate grace; they are not only conscious of how they carry themselves, but also of how they speak.

In fact, the self-awareness that July 19 people demonstrate, on a number of levels, can be an exceptional quality. When they have made a mistake, they are quick to acknowledge it, and though they may not rush to apologize when they are unfair or unkind to someone, they will try to improve their attitude in the future. This capacity for improving on themselves generally does not go unnoticed with friends, family, or mates, who appreciate a July 19 person’s efforts.

But though July 19 people generally succeed at mastering their deportment and how they relate to others, they still may not be in firm control of their own emotional center. Stillness of mind and non-action are vitally important in this regard. Those born on this day who come to understand the value of non-action will enhance their active side and bolster their self-confidence.

However, because July 19 people are self-critical by nature, non-action must not be confused with hesitancy or indecision. Rather, using the power of waiting to advantage, contemplating and acting at the right moment is what is meant here. For those born on this day, denial of immediate gratification is essential in developing strength of character, and at some point in their lives they are likely to take on difficult experiences that teach them much in this regard.

July 19 people should beware having undue faith in others, or engaging in adulation and hero-worship, which may ultimately rob them of their own self-worth and individual expression. It is vital that they cultivate and nurture their uniqueness, perhaps by even having the courage to strip themselves to the bone and build themselves up in a realistic fashion brick by brick.

July 19 people must also guard against perilous encounters, as their unreality factor can be rather high where their perception of others is concerned; they are particularly prone to project their own emotions on those close to them. This July 19 tendency toward excessive subjectivity must be shaped and refined, not merely suppressed, as efforts at control should aim to produce a joyful, playful and vibrant personality, not a repressed or habituated one.”

ADVICE: ” Though you must bring your emotions under control, never lose your spontaneity and insist on freedom for yourself. Don’t worry about appearing naive; be more forthright. Beware of putting others on a pedestal or investing them with your own emotions.”





Giving Emma a possible near-midnight birth date of March 1st, the following is a re-telling of the MARCH 2nd information, from The Secret Language of Birthdays (see bottom of page for complete citation):
Those born on this day: Mikhail Gorbachev, Sam Houston, Dr. Seuss, Lou Reed, Tom Wolfe, John Irving, Peter Straub, Jennifer Jones, Desi Arnaz

STRENGTHS: Loyal, Imaginative, Perseverant
WEAKNESSES: Out-Of-Touch. Inflexible, Obsessive
Title of the Day: The Day of Undying Loyalty

“The highly dependable individuals born on March 2 display an unusually strong sense of loyalty which can manifest in relation to their family, friends, nation or perhaps a higher cause. Those born on this day tend to hold the object of their passion in the greatest esteem, even to grant it adoration or worship. Rarely or ever will they forsake their commitments once they have given themselves fully.

But it is precisely their unswerving loyalty that can present problems for March 2 people. It can be pretty uncomfortable at times for others to be the object of such feelings; in fact, care, concern or devotion can both be a source of great security and inhibition to those involved with them. As parents, those born on this day may experience difficulties with sons or daughters who hold a contrary value system and wish to be free to go their own way. More highly developed March 2 people do not lock others into static roles, but allow for change in family, friends, and those they admire. Their loyalty is not conditional or something to provide themselves with a sense of security, but remains constant through the evolution of people and entities.

Many March 2 individuals go through periods where they devote themselves exclusively to their work. Particularly if this work is of a creative nature, they may block out everything else. This not only isolates them from those uninvolved in their efforts, but can make them one-track personalities. March 2 people may overlook the fact that remaining open to varying experiences ultimately enriches their work.

March 2 people are often unable or unwilling to disentangle themselves from commitments when things begin going in a bad direction. Though in such “no-win” situations, they may still find a way to turn this around, the sacrifice required can be great. On the other hand, should everything ultimately fall apart, those born on this day are likely to move on fresh, perhaps to a completely new area of endeavor. Win or lose they are secure in the knowledge that they have given their best.

One of the most important challenges for March 2 people is finding a balance between their need to develop more personal, individual goals on the one hand and their desire to give themselves to more universal causes on the other. Learning to deal with the here and now and to meet personal challenges is of the highest first priority for those born on this day, for only when their own house is in order will they be able to give their best to worldly or idealistic endeavors.”

The Tarot card is the PRIESTESS: Favorable qualities of this card are: Silence, Intuition, Reserve, Discretion
Negative traits: Secretiveness, Mistrust, Inertia





January 21st: cusp of Capricorn & Aquarius(AIR)

Those Born On This Day: Jack Nicklaus, Placido Domingo, Ethan Allen, Stonewall Jackson(killed by “friendly fire”, John Charles Fremont(mapped Oregon Trail), Geena Davis, Richie Havens, Christian Dior, Paul Scofield, Telly Savalis, Mac Davis, Oscar II (Norwegian, Swedish King).

STRENGTHS: Attractive, Colorful, Open
WEAKNESSES: Indecisive, Pleasure-Bound, Hurtful
Title of the Day: The Day of the Frontrunner

“Those born on Jan. 21 are headed for the top, and when they reach it they usually know how to stay there. Until those born on this day realize just how ambitious they truly are, they may suffer a great deal of unexplained frustration. Jan. 21 people are tough individuals, with lots of drive, but also have an easier, pleasure-loving side which can come to dominate their time and energy if they lose direction. The most successful people born on this day are able to integrate these two sides of their personality. However, many Jan. 21 people swing like a pendulum from a more relaxed to intense state and back again, seemingly unable to effect a synthesis of the two.

Sooner or later, a desire to lead the pack emerges in Jan. 21 people. If they do succeed in reaching the top in their chosen field, relinquishing such a position may indeed be difficult for them. Competing interests, poor health, advancing age, even unhappiness with the work itself may not dislodge them. If they are brought down from their perch, it is most often due to their pleasure-loving side which can dull their competitive edge.

Most Jan. 21 people are not cut out to be leaders in the long haul, having neither the ruthlessness nor innate authoritative sense generally required. Careers where they may strive to be the best through improvements of their talents and skills are thus preferable to careers within a highly politicized or hierarchical structure.

Jan. 21 people have a large measure of star quality that attracts others to them. They are often trend setters at work, but also in their social circle. They have a knack when it comes to handling people, and are highly persuasive when offering their views or making suggestions. Those born on this day who occupy a high place in society usually have the common touch, and therefore mix well with people from all walks of life. Their exciting, colorful, active and passionate nature makes for an undeniably attractive sexuality. Heartbreakers of a kind, they can sometimes hurt others by being too caring, when it would be better to just say goodbye. Most often, however, friends and lovers are happy to have known them, even for a short period, as Jan. 21 people enrich the lives of those they spend time with.

For all their public pizzazz, Jan. 21 people are somewhat retiring, rarely liking to mix their public and private lives. They normally have a home or hidden retreat where entrance is granted to but a privileged few. Perhaps their greatest problem lies in making up their minds what it is they really want from life. Until they do so, they will, like fireflies, disappear and reappear from one spot to the next.”

TAROT–Major Arcana Card: THE WORLD, which depicts a goddess running with energy-giving rods in her hands. She surmounts the world and displays the truth; she has unlimited power. This card symbolizes all that is attainable on the earthly plane. Although reward and integrity are assured, traditionally the card can also indicate monumental obstacles and setbacks of fortune, as well as negative traits of distraction and self-pity.





Born on this day: Walter Reed, Claudette Colbert, Mel Torme, Jacqueline Bisset, Roald Dahl, Milton S. Hershey, J.B. Priestley, Sherwood Anderson

STRENGTHS: Intense, Devoted, Persevering
WEAKNESSES: Off-Track, Hardened, Unaware
Title of the Day: The Day of Passionate Care

“Those born on September 13 bring their full powers to bear on the job at hand. Blessed with a remarkable level of concentration and resilient determination, they may face great obstacles to their success, but not for a moment will the outcome be in doubt for them. Indeed some born on this day seem to believe that they have a magical ability to surmount any difficulty. Yet they are not particularly superstitious or disposed to psychical explanations for what they do. Their’s is a straight-ahead, no-nonsense approach. The more exceptional of Sept. 13 people can, however, handle such difficult, complex and manifold tasks that others marvel at how they are able to accomplish what they do.

Often Sept. 13 people strongly support certain ideas and causes, but later realize they have been a bit off track. Because of their sincerity and dedication, however, they gain the respect of others, even those who vehemently oppose them and feel that what they are doing is harmful. At a certain point in their lives those born on this day may change direction dramatically, at one stroke setting out toward new horizons. Once on this path, however, they will continue on it until the bitter (or happy) end. No one can dissuade them once they have made their mind up about something, although for the time being they may mark time for the sake of diplomacy, not wanting to cause undue upset.

Those born on this day can be quite tyrannical and inflexible within their own family or business group. Generally they will put the interests of their career or work group first, before anything else. Consequently, their family may suffer a lack of attention. It is not that Sept. 13 people are irresponsible(quite the contrary is true) but as long as they know that family and friends are physically all right or at least able to function, they will feel free to go their own way.

Sept. 13 people must beware of a certain ruthless streak in themselves. This is not to imply that they are guilty of hiding ulterior motives, engaging in underhanded behavior or even being excessively competitive. It is just that they can be swept away by their projects, their vision, their commitment to what they are doing to an extraordinary degree, and with little or no remorse can make a decision to compromise or completely crowd out other involvements.

Although Sept. 13 people are highly developed in the areas of will and mental concentration they have intense physical drives which must be satisfied as well. They have a great biological need to share their life with an understanding mate or partner who is capable of completely accepting them, along with all their foibles. They are also capable of serving this other person well, but may be torn between devotion and their own personal needs. After separation, divorce or death of a mate, Sept. 13 people (particularly women) will invariably strike off on their own with great energy, but may also carry on work shared with their original partner.”

ADVICE: Be sensitive to the needs of those around you. Do not neglect your spiritual self or allow your emotional side to be suppressed. Fight your tendency to choose a difficult path. Expect a degree of compromise, but not where ultimate goals are concerned.

Tarot Card/13th card of the Major Arcana: Death, the most misunderstood card in the Tarot. It is very rarely to be considered literally but signifies a letting go of the past in order to grow beyond limitations, matamorphically. Both this card, and the number 4 (1+3=4), suggest that Sept. 13 people must guard against discouragement, disillusion, pessimism, and melancholy.





People born on this day: P.T. Barnum, Jean Cocteau, Cecil J. Rhodes( namesake of Rodesia), Henry Cabot Lodge II, Huey Lewis, G.J.R. Pompidou (French President), Warren Oates, Milburn Stone (DOC-Gunsmoke)
STRENGTHS: Exciting, Interesting, Imaginative
WEAKNESSES: Erratic, Unreliable, Unstable
Name of the Day: The Day of the Showman

“There is rarely a dull moment in the lives of July 5th people, as their mercurial energies jump from one subject to another-tasting, testing and moving on. Those born on this day love the variety and sparkle of life, unusual and out of the way people, subjects, color combinations, panoramas. In almost constant and rapid motion, either physically or mentally, July 5 people are charming enough to capture the hearts of those around them(they love entertaining) but are generally not the stalwart types you want to rely on for maintenance, upkeep and support…..

…The vivid, flamboyant nature of those born on this day generates many interesting opportunities for friends and colleagues who come in contact with them. The greatest challenge for July 5 people is in maintaining stability and avoiding a wasteful scattering of their talents and energies.”

All of the above quotations are from the book: The Secret Language of Birthdays, Personology Profiles For Each Day Of The Year, by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers, 1994. 

The Astrological Bordens was compiled by Kat Koorey.