Case Related Books for Download

Fall River Tragedy (PDF)
Facsimile transcription of Edwin H. Porter’s landmark book, first published in 1893. It was the first major work in the field of Borden studies.

The Mystery Unveiled
By Todd Lunday. The full titled is The Mystery Unveiled: The Truth about the Borden Tragedy: Fresh Light That Must Be Convincing to All Readers. A 56-page pamphlet, published immediately after the trial, in which the writer concludes that, with Lizzie Borden acquitted and no other suspect substituted, nobody committed the murders. “Todd Lunday” is the nom de plume for a writer whose actual identity has only recently been revealed.

Trial of Lizzie Borden
By Edmund Pearson, the most prolific writer on the Borden case. This is another important work that includes great quantities of trial testimony, not generally found elsewhere, but criticized for his one-sided approach which favored Lizzie as the killer.

Borden Murder Mystery
By Arthur Sherman Phillips. This book is an abstract from The Phillips History of Fall River (Fall River, MA: Dover Press, 1944-6, 3 vols.). Phillips was a junior member of Lizzie Borden’s defense team who always maintained a belief in her innocence.