Paranormal Evidence


Renowned paranormal investigator Al Rauber recently worked as technical expert on the History Channel’s Monsterquest episide on the subject of ghosts. Monsterquest visited the Lizzie Borden B&B and attempted to record evidence of any spiritual activiity there. The show was aired on June 11, 2008, at 9PM. The show did not “show” much, and Mr. Rabuer’s account of his involvement and the mass of EVP recordings he did find appears in the August/September issue of The Hatchet: Lizzie Borden’s Journal of Murder, Mystery & Victorian History.

Al has made all the EVPs from his visits to the Lizzie Borden B&B available to the Lizzie Andrew Borden Virtual Museum and Library.

We present them to you below. We suggest you listen with headphones so you can block out any ambient sounds that will interfere with listening to the spirit voices he recorded. Says Al, “I’ve been using EVPs as a means of communication and evidence in haunting cases for 20 years now. My ear is very attuned to these voices. Not everyone’s ear is.”

Check out Al Rauber’s site and newsletter here.


EVPs by Al Rabuer
LB 1st session_A_001_i hid it and they all see it_08_02_24
LB 1st session

“I hid it and they all see it”
Captured in the basement, both voices are whispered.
LB 1st session_A__lets gohome im hide here
LB 1st session

“Let’s Go Home”
Two statements, one loud whisper, one a louder shout.
LB2-phone call SO and ARE YOU MAD
LB 2nd session

Phone call, “Soooo” and “Are you Mad!”
Male voice and a female voice.
LB2-session I am him-I am-I am Asa
LB 2nd session

Addressing Michael in the Chimney Room.
“I am him, I am Asa””
sure Monsterquest
LB session

“Sure” amped
Used on the show Monsterquest.
LB2-phone call male voice goodbye sir
LB 2nd session

In Lizzie’s room at the end of the session.
Phone call, “goodbye