The Evening Standard—Monday, October 10, 1892, Page 1


Lawyer Jennings Says the Boston
Paper’s Story Is False.

Member of Fall River Police Force
Asserts That It Is True.

Names are Fictitious, but Statements
Substantially True.

Fall River, Oct. 10.— Andrew J. Jennings, counsel for the defendant in the Borden case, made the following statement to an Associated Press correspondent to-day: The matter published in a Boston paper this morning relating to the murders of Andrew J. Borden and his wife [see second page] is a tissue of lies. I have endeavored to find out about Mr. and Mrs. Fred Chace, at the number indicated, 198 Fourth street. There is not only no such number but not any within 50 of it. There is no such name George F. Sisson in the directory, nor can I find any person who knows anybody of that name. The kernel of the whole malicious story deals with a condition which is absolutely disproved by things found in the cellar by the prosecution and admitted to be what Miss Lizzie claimed they were. Subsequent events have confirmed her claim. Mr. Morse says that the whole story is absolutely false, not a word of truth in it. The Reagan story has already been denied by Miss Emma and Miss Lizzie, and was admitted by Mrs. Reagan to be false by at least six persons.”

A member of the police force says today that the names used in the story are fictitious, but the matter is substantially true.