The Evening Standard—Thursday, August 11, 1892 Page 1


Man on New England Train
Thought to be an Assassin.

Fall River Police Are Working on a
Number of Clews.

Suspicion May be Entirely Diverted
from Borden Family.

Fall River, Aug. 11. — The Borden inquest was resumed this morning.

Charles Sawyer, who guarded the doors of the house while Officer Allen ran to the Central Station, was the first witness.

He testified that he ran to the house when he saw Mrs. Russell running, and that he was with Officer Doherty and an Associated Press reporter when Dr. Bowen discovered that Mrs. Borden did not die of heart disease.

Officer George Allen was called, and he testified to having seen Mr. Borden lying on the sofa stabbed as he supposed.

Mrs. Perry Gifford was being examined at 12 o’clock.

Last night Officer Harrington went to Boston with Dr. Handy to identify a suspect answering the description of a “wild looking” man seen last Thursday morning by the doctor as he was driving by the Borden house.

The suspect was not the man.

The police have also run down a suspect who boarded the New Bedford train at Mt. Pleasant and rode into the city.

He proved an alibi easily.

Marshal Hilliard this morning submitted to another interview.

In answer to a question as to whether or not the police had given up all hopes of locating a murderer inside of the Borden family he said the question was nonsensical, but he would answer by saying that three clews were already being run down and none of them would in any way implicate a member of the household.

He said he had not been stinted in money because of political complications.

He was not hunting clews personally, because the district attorney required his presence at the inquest, but the detectives worked most of the night, and reported to him, and he was willing to say that close medical examinations and their results would be a feature of the case, and that it might turn out that suspicions would be directed from the Borden family.
It has been proven that the suspected poisonous milk drank by the Borden family was all right when it was taken from the Borden farm and brought to this city.

Members of the family in charge of the farm drank it and they were affected in no noticeable way.