The Evening Standard—Friday, August 12, 1892 Page 8


The Two Borden Girls Ushered
into the Police Station.

Miss Lizzie Confronted by Eli
Bence, the Drug Clerk

Scene of Excitement About Court
Square, Fall River.

[Special Dispatch.]
Fall River, Aug.11. — At 3:30 o’clock this afternoon there was a wild and exciting scene in Court Square.

A hack drove up followed by a large crowd which had run after it from the Borden residence in the belief that arrests had been made.

As soon as an entranceway to the station could be cleared, City Marshal Hilliard alighted and he was immediately followed by Miss Lizzie Borden, her sister Emma and Mrs. George Brigham, who has been Lizzie’s constant companion since the tragedy.

The party was at once ushered up stairs and once more the hack was dashing wildly away with officer Doherty its only occupant. Soon after the carriage returned and the policeman escorted into the station Eli Bence, the clerk in Smith’s drug store, of whom Lizzie is said to have purchased or attempted to purchase poison.

Although the police declined to state exactly the nature of the proceedings, it is believed that Bence has been summoned to make his statements when confronted by Miss Borden, and for purposes of identification.

[By Associated Press.]
Fall River, Aug. 11. — A second autopsy was held in the ladies’ waiting room at Oak Grove cemetery this morning. Mrs. Borden’s body was examined first. The new fact discovered was a bruise on the back near the left shoulder, about the width of an axe and shaped like the head of an axe. It is another clew to the exact position held by Mrs. Borden when the deed was committed. At 2:05 o’clock the examining physician’s were at work on Mr. Borden’s body. The physicians at work were Dr. Draper of Boston, and Medical Examiner Dolan, Drs. Leary and Cone of this city.

Misses Emma and Lizzie Borden, Mrs. Brigham and Miss Sullivan were brought to the police station this afternoon. They were not under arrest.

A locksmith is now trying to get into Mr. Borden’s safe at the house to determine whether or not a will was made.