The Evening Standard—Friday, August 12, 1892 Page 6


By an Expert Operator Under
Police Surveillance.

Supposition is that Something
Incriminating was Found.

Miss Borden to be Taken to Taunton
Jail to Await Trial.

[Special Dispatch.]
Fall River, Aug. 12. — The expert safe operator that the police brought here to open the combination on the safe at the Borden house succeeded in accomplishing his task at 11 o’clock this morning.

The work was done in the presence of police officers, and upon its conclusion word was sent to the Central police station.

City Marshal Hilliard, District Attorney Knowlton and Mr. Jennings, the counsel for the family, at once went to the house and took possession of the contents of the safe.

There was quite a sum of money and many valuable papers found. All were taken to the B. M. C. Durfee Safe Deposit Company and locked up in a private compartment.

If anything of an incriminating nature was discovered in the safe, the police declined to acknowledge the fact. It is generally thought something of that nature was found.

[By Associated Press.]
The Borden is safe was opened this morning, after John A.Maier of Boston had been at work on it about eight hours. The contents will not be given for publication. They consisted of a large amount of cash and some few papers. They were bundled and tied with a strong cord, and after Attorney Jennings and Officer Harrington had affixed their signatures on the outside the bundle was taken to the B. M. C. Durfee Safe Deposit and Trust Co. and deposited.

The guard has been taken from the neighborhood of the house with the exception of one officer and John V. Morse is again at liberty.

Text of the Complaint.

The text of the complaint in the cases is as follows:
Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Bristol ss.
Rufus B. Hilliard, City Marshal of Fall River, in said county, in behalf of said Commonwealth, on oath complains that Lizzie A. Borden of Fall River, in the county of Bristol at Fall River aforesaid, in the county aforesaid on the 4th day of August in the year of our Lord 1892, in and upon one Andrew J. Borden, feloniously, wilfully and of her malice aforethought, did make an assault, and that the said Lizzie A. Borden then and there with a certain weapon, to wit, a hatchet, the said Andrew J. Borden, in and upon the head of the said Andrew J. Borden, then and there feloniously, wilfully and of her malice aforethought did strike, giving unto the said Andrew J. Borden, then and there with the hatchet aforesaid by the stroke aforesaid in manner aforesaid, in and upon the head of the said Andrew J. Borden one mortal wound of which said mortal wound the said Andrew J. Borden then and there instantly died.

And so the complainant aforesaid upon his oath aforesaid further complains and says the said Lizzie A. Borden, the said Andrew J. Borden in manner and form aforesaid, then and there feloniously and wilfully and of malice aforethought did kill and murder. R. B. Hilliard.

If Miss Borden is able to be removed she will be taken to Taunton jail this afternoon on the mid-afternoon train.