The Evening Standard—Thursday, August 4, 1892 Page 1


Fall River the Scene of a Fiendish

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Borden

Their Heads Beaten and Battered
With a Cleaver.

Found Lying In Pools of Life 
Blood In Their Home.

Police Have the Place Surrounded and 
Mystery Prevails

[Special Dispatch.]
Fall River, August 4. — Andrew J. Borden and wife were found murdered at their home, No. 92 Second street, at 11 o’clock to-day. 

Borden was found on a sofa in one of the lower rooms, with his head horribly hacked, probably with a cleaver. Upstairs, Mrs. Borden was discovered face downward, on a bed, similarly butchered.

Mr. Borden was seen on the street about one hour before. At present writing it is impossible to get particulars, as the police have put a guard about the premises and will not allow newspaper men or any others to enter. The whole affair is shrouded in mystery.

Mr. Borden was one of the largest real estate owners in the city, a man of much wealth and a director in several manufacturing and financial institutions.