The Evening Standard—Monday, August 8, 1892 Page 1


Police Resume Their Task in
Borden Mansion.

Masonry About Fireplaces
To-day Taken Down.

Mayor and Medical Examiners Visit
to the Cemetery.

Prof. Wood making All Haste to
Finish His Analysis.

Police Annoyed By Employment
of Private Detectives.

[Special Dispatch.]
Fall River, Aug. 8. — The Borden tragedy is still as deep a mystery as ever.

There are no new developments of any importance.

The report that the police have ordered the arrest of anyone leaving the building is denied by City Marshal Hilliard.

The occupants of the Borden homestead will be permitted to go in and out of the house and about the city at their pleasure, but orders have been given to cause the arrest of any of the family if they attempt to leave the city limits.

Police Search Continued.

The police to-day continued their search of the premises, overhauling every nook and corner which had not been visited on Saturday. With them was C. H. Bryant, a mason of this city, who removed portions of the fireplaces, but found they bore no traces of having been tampered with or used as a place of concealment.

Blood or Rust?

That axe with the blood or rust marks upon it has been sent to Boston to-day were microscopic examination will reveal the nature of the stains.

Dislike Private Detectives.

Mayor Coughlin and the police authorities discountenance the employment of private detectives by the family, and say that if the real purpose of these men is to ferret out the crime they should work in unison with the local police. They say there may be two views taken of the employment of these men.

An Inquest a Certainty.

There is no doubt that there will be an inquest, and it is hoped it will reveal something of importance. The authorities to-day are looking for the arrival of District Attorney Knowlton.

It is believed that Medical Examiner Dolan will spring a surprise. He has been working harder than any man interested in the case, and he has had the least to say. It is believed that he will introduce some very important evidence at the inquest.

It is probable that he will have the bloody clothes worn by the murdered people, which were buried in the yard of the Borden house, in the rear of the barn, dug up and produced in court. These clothes were buried at the request of Mr. Morse, who still remains at the house.

It is believed that when witnesses are placed upon their oath something stronger in the way of direct evidence will be brought out. The inquest will, of course, be private.

No Skirt With Blood on It.

It was reported in a Boston paper that a spot of blood, as it was believed to be, was found on a skirt in a closet of Miss Lizzie Borden’s room by the police in their search of the house yesterday. This is emphatically denied and it has been stated by the police that nothing which furnished any evidence was taken from the house.

Gray Hair Found on the Hatchet Matches
Mrs. Borden’s Locks.

[Special Dispatch.]
Fall River, Aug. 8. — Perhaps the first link in the chain that must sooner or later surround the person who killed Mr. and Mrs. Borden was found yesterday afternoon, when Medical Examiner Dolan and Assistant Marshal Fleet visited the cemetery and entered the vault where the remains of the murdered couple were placed. They were there to determine, if possible, whether or not the gray hair found on the claw head of the hatchet, which the police took from the Borden house on Thursday, match the locks of Mrs. Borden. The two men went into the vault, and both came out wearing a self-satisfied look. The hair had matched perfectly. The men got into the doctor’s buggy and drove off, leaving superintendent Morrill somewhat mystified. It may prove that the hatchet found in the cellar was the one that was used to kill Mrs. Borden, and, with this knowledge in hand, the cross-questioning of the inmates of the household before and at the inquest will probably be conducted on a plane more prolific of results than those already held.

What the Medical Examiner Says.

Dr. Dolan and Mayor Coughlin visited the cemetery yesterday and entered the vault containing the bodies of the murdered couple. Dr. Dolan said to a Standard reporter this forenoon that the visit was simply to see that the bodies were unmolested and to give orders that they might be properly cared for.
Prof. Wood’s Analysis.

Mayor Coughlin to-day received a letter from Prof. Wood saying that he was not in Europe, as has been reported, and that he had received the packages containing the stomachs of the victims and the milk supposed to have been poisoned, and expects to find his analysis at the earliest possible moment, possibly by to-day or to-morrow.

Young Ladies Even More Gracious Than
on Saturday.

[By Associated Press.]
Fall River, Aug. 8. — The police are very active in their movements to-day.

Shortly after 10 o’clock Capt. Desmond, accompanied by Sergeant Edson and officers Connors and Medley went to the house and instituted one more search.

Charles H. Bryant broke places in the old-fashioned chimney and looked in vain for any instrument that would lead to a detection of the criminal.

The officers pulled over everything in the cellar, but without obtaining anything.

The guard is still kept on the house, but the officers are under instructions not to molest the inmates nor interfere with their freedom in going about their duty.

If any attempts are made to leave the city, however, arrests will follow.

The servant girl spent yesterday and last evening with some relatives on Division street, returning to the Borden house this morning.

Mr. Morse walked over to Dr. Bowen’s when the search was going on, and returned, saying that a hack was to call for him.

While the search was going on the young ladies were even more gracious to the officers than they were Saturday after the funeral.