The Evening Standard—Tuesday, August 9, 1892 Page 8

From Yesterday’s Third Edition.


Belief of Murdered Mrs. Borden’s

He Thinks Lizzie and Morse
Concocted the Plot.

Gives His Reasons for His Direct

[By Associated Press.]
Hartford, Ct., Aug. 8. — George B. Fish, of this city, whose wife is the sister of the murdered Mrs. Borden of Fall River, in a published interview says that he believes Lizzie Borden and J. V. Morse concocted the deed and hired someone to do it.

Lizzie and Emma are step-daughters of the murdered woman and have never been on good terms with her owing to trouble over the division of property left by the girl’s mother to Mr. Borden who gave it to the second wife instead of the girls. When asked what Lizzie’s object would have been in doing this, Mr. Fish replied: “Simply to get them out of the way. No one made any money out of it, nor could they in any way by murdering the couple.”

Mr. Morse was asked what he had to say in regard to this interview.

“Nothing at all. Mr. Jennings, our counsel, has advised me to have nothing to say for publication,” he replied.

“But that directly implicates you and Miss Borden. Have you nothing to say to that?”

“You know as well as I do what grounds there are for such an absurd charge as that. It is entirely unreasonable; that is all I will say.”